Vertebrae Staircase by Andrew Lee McConnell

Canadian architect and designer Andrew Lee McConnell has designed the Vertebrae staircase.

Andrew McConnell has drawn inspiration from the spine of a whale to create the Vertebrae staircase. Using the T-Splines plugin by Autodesk for Rhinoceros 3D modeling software the designer has developed the modules of the staircaise having as starting point the single vertebra. From there he continued studying ways to develop innovative ways to shape structures.

The modules are interconnected and by its unique shape make up a rigid structure that resists rotational forces (momentum) caused by the cantilevered steps. The resulting design is an elegant staircase with organic forms inspired by mother nature.

By observing the forms of the Vertebrae, one can imagine how much work was required to develop this concept. In addition to the main module that is the most used, there are the specific modules which are used to anchor the staircase to the floors interconnected by it. Much more than a piece inspired by the skeleton of a whale, the Verbebrae is an elegant work of sculpture and structural calculations. It is art allied to engineering with great sensitivity. It is design! Your comments are very welcome!

Text by Christian Miranda



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